An important way to achieve the coexistence of beauty and network quality for large houses and villas is to use MESH networking to achieve wireless expansion.
Mesh networking is relatively flexible and easy to set up, especially for users who have not deployed network cables before and who need wireless expansion in the future.
Most people may be confused about what mesh networking is. We can simply understand it from its direct meaning. In a more professional sense, it means that all nodes in the network are connected, and each node is connected to at least two other nodes, and all nodes form an overall network. Currently, Mesh networking generally supports wired Mesh, wireless Mesh, and hybrid networking.

The significant part of Mesh network is a router that supports the Mesh function. Only these mesh routers are networked, then MESH network is generated.
Features of the Wireless MESH Networking:
1. Same SSID
2. Network will be unified management
3. Easy to add nodes
4. Good roaming experience
Precautions for MESH Networking:
1. The firmware versions of all routers on the network must be the same and support the MESH function
2. The distance between routers should be as close as possible and have fewer obstacles.
3. Use the same model routers for networking
Devices Related to MESH Networking
General Switch, Network management switch that supports VLAN, and Network Cable are the part of MESH networking. However, as we know that the Mesh router is the most important part of Mesh network. According to the sales data, the current best-selling MESH router is a product combining ONU and WIFI6.
As one of R&D enterprises in China, ORFA TECH also launched a product that combines GPON ONU+ WIFI6, called OG+580HG.
OG+580HG featured 4GE+1FXS+2USB+Dual Band WI-FI, WIFI 6 throughput up to 1800Mbps. Most importantly, OG+580HG support easy mesh. With OG+580HG you can build MESH network very easily.
In the near future the ONU+WIFI 6 will break the market, become the mainstream. Now, it is time to catch the chance, found your reliable resource.