Fifth generation of mobile networks or 5G is a new wireless standard known internationally. To link almost everyone and everything together, for instance machines, gadgets and different objects 5G allows a new type of network. The aim of 5G wireless technology is to provide more users with faster multi-Giga bits per second data rates, low latency, enhanced dependability, wide network capacity, and a better user experience.

Future 5G mobile networks will use the worldwide wireless standard 5G New Radio (NR), which is based on OFDM. Non-Standalone 5G NR and Standalone 5G NR are its two variants.

5g private networks

A dedicated fifth-generation (5G) network having improved data communication features, defined connectivity, optimized services, and specialized security is called a private 5G network. Incorporating the benefits for both public and private 5G networks, private 5G networks have found use in various industries, the public sector, utilities, and businesses. The idea of a private 5G network is one of the encouraging Industry 4.0 accelerators.

Compared with the 4G, 5G has higher peak data speeds, lower latency, more reliability, and better spectrum efficiency. The 5G CPE is a Customer premises equipment with 5G RF module, which can convert the 5G/4G signal to Ethernet or WIFI connectivity, providing the internet connection to subscribers without cable.